to chimales

I saw your message~~~you were gone for many days~~ T__T
Everything is alright, don't worry
Mao's babies are healthy and ....with lots of energy (especially Peter Jr.   = =)

But Mao is too young, being a mother makes her look thinner recently
So I've ablactate the babies already
Btw, they are all little boys

Mao likes here =.=   ↑




Now they eat much by themselves every day 

Whity's left eye (that hurt by Mao) is much better now.

they also drink much

His ear now↑

But he just prick it up perfectly sometimes.

This picture ......              just looks like ..  Teletubbies.....              XDDDDD 

There's a family that they want to adopt one of Mao's babies(Peter Jr.)
I told them
I can't decide anything without asking you
So~~~come back soon~~  we're waiting for you T___T

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